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Discover Local Wrecks

Swanage Diving is running the ‘Discover Local Wrecks’ program. This is designed for divers who feel the need for an experienced, local instructor. With diving incidents on the increase, mainly due to diver error, the issue of safety is on everyone’s mind.  With most of the U.Ks wrecks at 20m+ confidence, experience and comfort in the water is important. If you have ever felt peer pressured into doing a dive you weren’t ready for, if you need a tune up on your diving ability or would like instructor guided dives this is the course for you. The program will take you through the steps of when you first think about going for a dive to which dive you are going to do next. It will be tailored to meet your experience levels, preferences and what you would like to achieve. The area of Swanage has a variety of wrecks to suit most divers levels of experience.

This program contains

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For more information contact Swanage Diving on 07917794075 or email swanagediving@yahoo.co.uk

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