Swanage Diving
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Off-Piste Diving

For the more energetic and adventurous diver Swanage Diving is running Off-Piste Diving. This is a great way to see some of Dorsets Jurrasic coastline, get some exercise and dive in places you normally wouldn't. I have dived at all the locations mentioned and have graded them according to physical exertion and diving level. Please note 1* is easy 5* is physically demanding. Some of the sites involve a walk or a climb.

Here are a few chosen locations to highlight the area.

Worbarrow Tout

Worbarrow Bay and Tout

 Worbarrow Tout is a headland made from Portland Limestone and extends out into the sea around 500m.

The dive site extends around the tout and to the east. Depths of around 12m can be reached and an interesting boulder strewn seabed can be found providing habitat for crabs and lobsters. The closer you get to the tip the faster the current runs and sea bass can be seen here.

This site is not for the faint hearted but well worth it and involves a walk of around 1 mile along a well maintained path using wheel barrows to reach the site. It is also a good spear fishing and snorkelling site.

Bring a packed lunch, drink and camera as it is a hidden gem of the Jurassic Coast. An extra tank can be bought down for a dive in the opposite direction

Grade ****            PADI Open Water or equivelant



 Night Dive (Close Encounters of the Swanage Kind!)

Some say Night Diving is the closest you will ever get to being in space. The weightlessness, beams of light, silhouettes and different species all add to an unusual experience. This type of a dive is a must at least once a season.

There a few dive sites along the Purbeck coast which are suitable for a Night Dive and all are accessed from the shore. There is normally a short walk and surface swim to and from the dive site so a bit of stamina will help. The best is Swanage Pier.

This can be done as a PADI Adventure Dive or just a dive to add to your log book.

You will need a reasonable dive torch (no car headlights as it spoils the ambience!) with spare batteries as a minimum plus a back up. Strobes are useful but not essential.

Grade **                 PADI Advanced or PADI Open Water undertaking an Adventure Dive

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